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Used Car from Individual help please

It looks like I may soon be the proud owner of a 1986 Mustang. 5.0 L. High output V8 convertible. What is procraft suspension? More importantly in WI how do I make sure their are no liens against the car, beside the owners assurance it is clear?

Always a good idea to have an independant mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection. I’m not familiar with “procraft” suspension parts but likely just a brand of struts.

Examine the title, it should have a section where a lien holder info would be filled in if there is a one.

The seller must have a clean, open, title in his name…This is a 24 year old car. It has very little cash value.

If the owner does not have a clean title in his posession (in NH vehicles over 15 years old do not have to have titles) then go to the DMV and do some research…or keep looking.

We had a Classic Car dealer in NH that was selling “hot” cars. He was indicted, but if I remember correctly he disappeared. Those people who bought the “hot” vehicles were “out” both the car and the money.

there is an on line service that will give you the history of this car for a small fee. but i cant remember what the name of it is, but if you google, auto ownership history or something like it you should be able to track it down.

In good condition, Fox mustangs are worth up to a few grand. It isn’t like a 24 year old Cavalier or Aries.

You’re right about the title, though.

In my state anyways you can just call up the county treasurer’s office (who handle car titles here) and ask.

The way I’ve been doing car transactions lately is have both parties walk into the county treasure’s office and transfer the title right there on the spot. It saves having to have the darn thing notarized and if there’s any problems they’ll surface while the seller is right there to clear them up (or give your check back).

Just looking on the title won’t tell you for sure. For one, something like a mechanic’s lien won’t show up on a title. Also, there’s nothing really stopping someone from ordering a duplicate title, getting a title loan and then selling the car by claiming the old “clean” title is current.

Like I mentioned below, even a crummy old Cavalier is worth enough for a title loan. Since these companies prey on poor folks and charge usurous interest rates, there’s a LOT of people who can’t get out from under them and so there’s a lot of cheap old cars running around with liens on them (and sellers who either don’t understand that that means they can’t sell their car or who are just plain unscrupulous). Not to stereotype, but I think a 24-year old Mustang is a prime candidate for having one of these.

No idea how it’s done in WI but in OK any lien is shown on the title itself. When sold and the note is paid off the lienholder will issue a lien release. When titled in the new owners name the lien will not be shown if the lien release is provided.

No idea what Procraft suspension is unless it’s aftermarket components. Nice reliable cars; the 5.0 and a convertible will make an outstanding cruiser with the top down.
These cars are also easy to service and the only thing to keep an eye on is the ignition module since they used the TFI-IV which was prone to heat failures.