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Used car for under $6000

My van was totaled in a car accident. It was fixable but the insurance said it was not worth it. I can’t afford a new car or even a newer used car. I would like to get a station wagon type vehicle, but only have about $6000 to spend. I want it to last another 5 years.

In that price range I’d look for an Ford Taurus wagon, or the Mercury Sable wagon.


Do you have a size in mind? Gas hogs will be easy to come by. Intermediates will hold more weight, cost more to run but may be easier to find.

Yes. Spend $3000 on the car and save the other $3000 when you have to replace the head gaskets.

Actual wagons are pretty hard to find after SUVs and minivans.

I’d actually suggest a minivan. They’re comfy and roomy and as fuel efficient as your basic 6-cyl wagon. And since they carry that “ewww - I wouldn’t be caught dead in a minivan” stigma they have very low resale values - as in they’re cheap to buy used. You can get into a used minivan in decent shape fairly easily for about $6K. It will have somewhat high mileage - but so will anything else you’re looking at.

A Crown Vic or Grand Marq…Bullet-proof cars and the trunks hold more than most station wagons…

There are some wagon type vehicles. They are disquised as 5door hatch backs. Maybe a compact given you can only afford $6k, you can’t afford the gas either. Hatch backs Focus from Ford, civics and Toyota matrix, Vibes would be worth looking for but expect high mileage and repair over 5 years. Heck, if any of us could get a repair free car over five years for that little, we’d all jump at it. Expect to pay more one way or another.