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Use of platinum plugs in my truck

The dealer tells me that replacing the factory sparkplugs with platinum plugs will not work in my 2006 Dodge 1500 Ram truck w/ 4.7V8 because the voltages are incorrect. True or False?

2006 should have irridium plugs. They’re better than platinum, about 8x harder and thus they erode less. Use the listed OEM replacements.

If a spark plug company makes a Platinum plug for your vehicle it will work fine.

The question is…why are you changing??? Don’t expect any better performance. The ONLY advantage to platinum is they last longer…PERIOD.

Copper, platinum, iridium… all will work and will work just about as well as each other. The chief difference is the longevity of the spark plugs. All the various acceptable types should be listed in your owner’s manual, and auto parts stores have cross-reference tables for what you can use.

I would stick with what the owner’s manual list. Dealers are usually poor sources of information. The fact is all types would likely work just fine, but some would last longer (and cost more) than others.

The voltages are incorrect?? In a word, no.

but the dealer said so!!!

more reason to doubt the dealership