Use motor

i have a 2001 saturn l200.i was told today my car motor was no good from a machanic.he told me he cud get me a use motor for about $500 and it haves about 150.000 miles on it.sould i take this use motor or get me a newer motor.

150K ona motor is a big crap shoot.

the motor has been test and everthing was good

Are those your only two options?

yep.and i don’t have money for a better motor

What kind of warranty on the motor? The issue is that this motor could go 5K more miles or 50+K miles. You won’t know until you have invested in the motor and accompanying labor.

Then why ask if you should get a newer one, if you can’t?

i just don’t know what to do.that’s why i ask about getting that use motor and see if you thank that’s a good idea

What is wrong with your motor? Why does it need replacing?

the machanic said the rids was worn out and he find alot of metal in oil pan and said it would be best to replace the motor

Does the $500 include installation? If not how much is the full repair?

500 for motor and 300 for installation

That is not a bad price. You still risk a bad motor installed as 150k is a lot and these Saturn motors are not known for longevity as you found with you yours.

How much budget for another car beyond the $800 you are considering spending?