**Update** Engine question for 1986 Dodge Caravan cargo (Mini Ram)

Hello, I had posted a question in late March about the very loud timing chain noise in my Mitsubishi 2.6 engine. It has 105k miles on it. I ordered a new complete timing chain kit and oil pump from an online autoparts store. The parts arrived here and scheduled an appointment to have those parts put in today. While driving the van to the repair shop, it broke down about 4 miles from my house. I started to lose power on the highway then a loud screeching noise, similar sound to a belt going bad or slipping. The temp gauge started to climb rapidly. I immediately shut off the van and pulled over. It was towed back home and wouldn’t restart. Battery was weak. I charged the battery for three hours and the van started again. This time it runs incredibly rough. The whole van shakes badly when in gear (also the loud timing chain noise). I also noticed an oil leak on the ground on the passenger side, in the area of the timing chain/oil pump area. Maybe the oil was splashing up into the alternator while I was driving? It’s on the same side. Does anyone have an idea what might have happened this time? Any input would be HUGELY appreciated. Thanks in advance, John in PA

P.S. Do I need another engine this time?

" Does anyone have an idea what might have happened this time?"

“very loud timing chain noise” + “on the highway” = $$$

I’m sorry for your loss, but driving highway speeds with a serious mechanical issue was a big risk.
Now it’s time to put it on a flatbed and take it to the shop, or the recycler.