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Up high with a 6-speed

What would you recommend, new or used, any make, that is a small, fuel-efficient SUV with a manual transmission, preferably 6-speed? My reason for saying SUV is that I like to sit up high. The 6-speed preference is self-expanatory but I’d take any manual transmission. I live in Pennsylvania, so winter driving is a consideration.

You are looking for unicorn tears… This seems to be the entire list for 2019. Not sure if it holds for 2020 models.

Oh, and you will have to special order the SUV since NO dealer will have one on the lot unless it is an accident.

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Just look at ads for vehicles you might like in your price range . Then go test drive . If you like it have a shop look it over for problems . Also don’t you haul some kind of musical drums around so how many people even have a clue how to do that. As for winter driving I would prefer front wheel drive and an automatic transmission . Wanting a used small manual CUV is going to eliminate a lot of good vehicles.

Also of all the threads asking what someone should buy very seldom does anyone actually buy any of the recommended vehicles.

I’ve always in the past just bought what I can afford, but now am looking to buy new. I have little experience in finding the best for the buck. So far, my research has led me to the 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe. It does not have the CVT transmission, the warranty is extremely good. I like all the features except for the stop\start. I’m hoping to hear from others about this. I’m currently seeking the same thing you’re describing. I’m going to have to stay under $30 grand.

I would never buy a car just because somebody else recommended it, but I would find recommendations from knowledgeable people an important part of my research. I can go on-line and find what I think is the best, but many people can point out things that I overlooked.

And when you want to sell it, very few buyers will want it. Almost everyone wants a automatic transmission. That will reduce the price you can get for it.


Wouldn’t the Kona or Tucson be closer to what you described (small SUV) in your first post?

Other than the Jeep Compass or the Subaru Crosstrek you’re going to have to look at used crossovers to find a Manual option and even then you’re looking for about 5% of production. The Subaru Forester had a manual option up till 2018. Some of the crossover’s that had a manual option only offered it with the base 2wd model.

Thanks. I’ll put them on the list.