Unwanted Acceleration on 2000 Astro Van

I’ve taken my 2000 Astro Van to two different mechanics to try to fix the unwanted acceleration problem it’s having. They have both said there is no problem, and have cleaned something – the throttle or some part of the3 carbeurator, I’m not sure.

At times (not always) the van will maintain a 35 mph speed on a flat road without any accelerator pedal action. It can also climb slight inclines. The danger comes when I am going down a mountain–the cruise control doesn’t help at all. It accelerates while I am trying to brake. Not good. Please help! Thanks in advance.

If they cleaned the carburetor, then demand your money back. You Van doesn’t have one. I would guess an IAC problem, but they should have tried that first.

Thank you so much! What’s an IAC?

The Idle Air Control circuit. It basically is an ECU driven motor that controls your idle speed.

I found a link that might help