Union of Concerned Scientists tool calculates the emissions of using an electric car by location

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Interesting tool.

Unfortunately, my state doesn’t have much renewable energy, so whether I use a plugin Prius or a motorcycle, my carbon footprint is about the same.

However, the Prius has air conditioning and both vehicles can use the HOV lane during rush hour.

Really? This site from the DOE shows 40% renewable for Florida or 18th in the nation. Don’t know about your side of the state but FPL is putting in lots of solar farms over on the west coast.

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My Toyota Sienna is cleaner than the Toyota Prius. We have two people that are in my band commuting group that have Toyota Priuses. If we go in the Priuses we have to use two cars. We can all go in the Sienna. Per passenger, the energy consumed is less in the minivan.


I wish that ‘tool’ had a comparison to a regular hybrid. Comparing to a gas-only vehicle is like shooting fish in a barrel. Scientific American published a study back in 2010 that showed hybrids are as good as or better as far as overall CO2 emissions than EVs for around half the county. Unfortunately that article is now behind a paywall.

My mistake was to use the word energy when I should have said electricity. Using a propane, gasoline, or diesel generator to charge Prius batteries would sort of defeat the purpose, don’t you think? :wink:

The largest supplier of electricity in Florida is Florida Power & Light (FPL, and they supply my electricity) and their breakdown looks like this:

  • Natural Gas: 70.04%
  • Nuclear: 17.13%
  • Purchased from other sources: 4.05%
  • Coal: 5.34%
  • Oil: 0.38%
  • Solar: 0.06%


You forgot the 17% from nuclear… warming up the crocodile habitat.

During storm power outages, the only energy source for a plug in car would be the generator. :wink:

My gasoline car would’t be able to get fuel either if the local gas station didn’t have a generator. Of course my 5, 5 gallon fuel jugs would solve that in the short term.

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I fixed it. Thanks.

I hear the American crocodile is rebounding, but I wouldn’t mind if they stayed endangered since they’re more aggressive than the 'gators.

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Holy Cow!!! My motorcycle is greener than a Tesla!!! (gloat, gloat, gloat)

Not to mention that only 370 pounds of stuff had to be mined and processed to build it and only 370 pounds of stuff will have to be recycled when its life is over.

Is that a low displacement (250cc or 350cc) Ninja? If it is, that comes as no surprise to me.

Something else that we might not have factored into the equation is that our motorcycles don’t have catalytic converters, so our motorcycles likely produce more pollution than a car that gets the same level of fuel economy. I just hope my fuel-injected motorcycle is cleaner than one that has a traditional carburetor.

Another pollution consideration for motorcycles is how quickly we go through tires.

…and if your bike is chain-driven, the chain cleaner and lubricant aren’t good for the environment, particularly the chain lubricant that gets washed off when you get caught riding in the rain.

It’s a Ninja 300, essentially the same engine as the 250 but with a longer stroke to bring the displacement up to 296cc. It has fuel injection and a catalytic converter. I routinely get 70 mpg with it commuting to work, plus, it’s painted green.

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