Unhealthy looking goo beside Subaru engine


We noticed a burnt rubber/oil smell coming from our '01 Subaru Outback, no engine lights were on.

When I looked under the hood, all the fluid levels looked good, but I noticed on the left side, about two thirds down the side of the engine, there appears to be a leak of gooey brown oil? from a hose running up over the engine.

Do you think this is the source of the smell? Any idea what this is, how much it will be to fix or if we can safely drive it to the mechanic (we are about 45 min from town)?

See photos here:


I tried to zoom in slowly so you could get an idea of the location.



It is possibly your adjacent in photo CV axle boot is torn and its throwing grease. It looks like grease to me.

I agree.

Thanks! Do you think it is safe to drive to the shop?


Thanks! You all are great!