Unexplained Metallic Sound

I have a 2012 Forester. When I open the passenger side door first thing in the morning to put my stuff in the car and then close the door - there is a loud metallic noise. It is not repeatable at that time.
When I open the driver’s side door after work (or about 8 hrs after the first time in the morning) and sit in the car, I get the same noise. Again, it is not repeatable at that time.
The dealer says, they cannot recreate the noise but I am getting it regularly every day.
I live in Central Texas, the Forester is in the garage at my house and in the garage at work.
I am currently at 27,500 miles.

Where is the noise coming from? Is it a single rap, like a hammer hitting a pipe or is it a creaking sound like two pieces of metal rubbing together? How long is the duration of the sound?

Keith, the noise seems to be coming from underneath the front, more like a hammer hitting a pipe, no creaking sound. Duration is a second. When I open/close the door a second time, it does not happen again. Seems, the car has to sit for quite a long time before I can make it do it again.

This is just a wild guess, but I had a similar symptom years ago on a 60’s Ford Galaxy , and it turned out to be a bolt inside the door that was holding the window up/down mechanism in place had come loose.

Another wild guess (especially considering how new the car is)…a front spring is shifting in its seat. Is there any “boing” quality to the noise?

Thanks for all the great suggestions - but there is no “boing” quality to this sound. It is short and hard.

The next step seems like to narrow down where exactly the noise is originating. Maybe get a helper out with you to listen.

Have you tried bouncing up and down on the front bumper? Also try moving the car side to side at the front. Grab the top of one of the front tires and move it in and out as hard as you can. See if one of those can replicate the sound. If it does, then a friend can help you isolate it or you can take it to the dealer and demonstrate the sound.

You don’t get the sound when you hit a bump in the road?

Since the noise is only heard when you open a door I would concentrate on the door itself.Problem with the hinge,or window control assembly/motor.

If it happens to you regularly, shoot a video on your phone of you opening the door tomorrow morning. Post it here or show it to your shop. Or both.

To all who tried to help - things are getting weirder. Two weeks ago, I spent the weekend at my daughter’s and we tried 2 evenings and 2 mornings, standing by with the smart phone. The Forester did not make a sound.
This past weekend in my own garage it did not make a sound either.
Did it fix itself?
No, this morning the loud metallic noise was there again when I opened and then closed the passenger side door.
I tried all the other suggestions I received, cannot reproduce the sound.
Any more ideas?
Thank you everyone!

I think that the edge of the door is hitting the edge of the fender. I had a mustang that did the same thing depending on how it was sitting and how it was loaded

that or the hinge is shifting

Sounds like this problem is heat related. Something is moving or swelling just a tiny increment to cause a rub or pop. I would let it sit out in the heat one day and when you go to get back in the car have two others listening. One should be on the ground under the door and one above. Listen carefully to see if you can localize where its coming from. Just for the sake of it, have you sprayed the hinges and latches with some white grease? If not I would do that just to eliminate the possibility. I should also ask, are you parking on any kind of incline/decline? Sometimes my parking brake can make a similar sound because the car is shifting forward just a tiny bit (granted mine is way older than yours) but certainly a possibility. Moisture in the air and temperature likely have something to do with making this problem come to life.

Something internally in the door could very well be loose as well. You’d think the dealer would pull the door panel and check for you.

I think that most of you have missed the detail that this happens when opening both front doors, and that it only happens after sitting for several hours.
I don’t pretend to have a clue as to the source of the problem, but the exact same defect would have to exist in both doors for them to be exhibiting the exact same problem, and that is…unlikely.

Is there ANY time lag between closing the door and the “noise.”

insightful - I think I just answered this but I cannot find it. I apologize - I am new to this site.
And no, there is no time lag between closing the door and the “noise”.

Yeah, you answered it first on my “wall.” I know that only because a message popped up telling me. Personally, I never use the “wall.”

Okay, you close the passenger door in the morning and get an immediate clunk. I should have asked before, in the afternoon, as soon as you hit the seat you get the noise also (no door closing needed)? You might have to have your phone on every day until you can catch the noise.

So, is this the way I should reply?
In the afternoon, if I get the noise by sitting on the seat, it will not happen again when I close the door.
The trouble with the phone is, that I do not have a smart phone and always have to asked someone else. The few times I did that, the Forester did not oblige and make the sound.