UHaul Prices (Sort of a Car Question)

I was going to use my car to move a 24’ extension ladder (which I guess, when it’s unextended, is 12’) but I don’t have a roof rack. Someone suggested using UHaul.

A local UHaul place said they have a 14’ van I can have for $30/day plus 89 cents a mile. Do those prices seem about right?

I have a heavy duty 24’ extension ladder I bought last year for something like $149 on sale. Depending on the distance, you could be spending about 40% of the cost of the ladder to move it. Above the threshold of pain for me. If I only had my car to use, I’d place a couple pieces of foam under the ladder and then secure it aound the middle and at each end. Add a red flag to the back end as required for long loads. Then drive slowly to the destination.

I don’t have any issue with the price, but I would try and find a friend with an open pick up truck to haul it around. Is this a one time, or multiple time hauling issue? If you are careful and pad the ladder correctly, you could also haul it without a rack. You just have to make sure you tie it down carefully so it doesn’t move left to right or front to back much.

One more suggestion. Find a canoe shop where they sell the foam blocks to haul canoes by attaching the blocks to the gunwales. You should be able to use them to hold down the ladder safely. This one time cost will be as cheap or cheaper than the rental.

Excellent suggestions.

Yes, TwinTurbo, I was just doing the 89-cents-a-mile math. It is a little scary, particularly for something that is a one-off.

The foam blocks sound like a good idea, Jay. I’ll look into it.

Come on…Roll up two blankets or furniture pads into logs and place them across the roof of your car. Place the ladder on top of them. Go buy 50’ of 1/4 rope and tie the ladder down securely. Be on your way…

But if you can’t manage THAT, you can rent a P/U truck from Budget for $19.95 a day plus mileage. And yes, the mileage charge will eat you up, but that’s how they are able to paint $19.95 on the side of the truck…

The last time I checked the Lowes or Home Depot rate was about 20 bucks for 60 or 75 minutes for a truck with a rack. I took a look at the HD trucks last week 'cause there was one near where I parked. They have a pull-out ramp. Check them out. IIRC they are F350s so the fuel will be costly for any distance, but there is no charge for the miles.

Foam pipe insulation works great too.

Home Depot may be cheaper but you have to bring it back in a hurry because they charge by the hour.