Turn signal repair and sticking with an old car

My turn signal stopped working. Mechanic said fuse was loose and pushed it back in place. Signal worked for a while, then quit, then worked again, then quit for good (I think). I had fuse replaced and signal still doesn’t work. Now mechanic says bring it in and leave it all day. I am leery because when he did the required State inspection he sold me 2 new tires before he passed it. Later I think-I had plenty of tread and the tires weren’t that old, have I been had? How difficult is it to discover why a turn signal doesn’t work and how much should it cost to diagnose and fix? The car is an 83 Mercedes 300CD that was bought new by my mother. I have had it since she died in 1996. The odometer stopped at 65,000 but I calculate that it actually has about 81,391 miles. I want to keep it because I love the car and a new car is too expensive but new cars have safety features my car doesn’t have. I am retired so I only drive about 30 miles a week to shopping and doctors. Is it wise to maintain it and keep it or should I buy a new car?

The fuse probably blew because the turn flasher unit failed.
Get a new flasher unit (there may be a cheap universal one available) and keep the car.

Thank you Gary. I will check with Auto Zone for the flasher unit.

Let us know the fuse type Mercedes used way back in the 80’s. Are these the ceramic fuses with the exposed conductor? If yes all types of problems come from the fuses and the holder for the fuse.

They don’t look ceramic and I haven’t had any problem before. I bought replacements at Auto Zone but that didn’t fix the turn signal.

The fuse is not the problem. The turn signal flasher might be the problem, but unless you replace it and try a new one we won’t know.

If you want to keep this car you should know that there’s nothing inexpensive about a Mercedes Benz. Anything and everything this car needs will cost money. Sometimes the amount will be significant. Are you willing to spend what it takes to be an MB owner?

If so, I suggest you spend whatever it takes to fix EVERYTHING on the car, and then drive it and enjoy it.

If you’re not willing to spend whatever it takes I suggest you consider selling the car to someone who is.

This car has been in the family since it was brand new and has required very few repairs. Whether it is expensive or not depends on whether I take it to a good mechanic or a rip-off artist. I have been to both over the years. That is why I am cautious. I am not selling my car even if I buy a new one. It is a great car. Other people have been through several cars while Lili Marlene and I just keep rolling along. She is just beautiful. Not one of those ugly things other people drive. I feel like you have suggested that I sell my child!

I had those primitive fuses in my '74 Volvo. Oldschool is correct that fuses of that type are a major pain in the butt.

I think you should put a lot of effort into finding a mechanic you trust. This is a car worth keeping and, with good care, it will last you a very long time. Look into the mechanics files on this website for recommendations, and try to question anyone else you see driving an old Mercedes. Sooner or later you will find a kindred soul who can help you with this really relatively minor problem.

Thank you. I thought I had a good one, family business close to my house, but one time the transmission was leaking after he serviced it. I had him convert the air conditioner so then I had AC but no heat. Another time he replaced the alternator 3 times before he got it right. Each time I was stranded out in a shopping center parking lot. The last time he left a battery cable off and I had to call AAA again not knowing it was just a battery cable. I don’t know what he was doing to the battery anyway! I have had to have AAA tow me so many times thank to him that the towing company guys have told me to bring the car to them next time. I guess that is what I will do. I just hate to drive that far with no working turn signal.