Turbo detonation question

This is for a Hyundai Veloster turbo with less than 80K miles on it. Car has been babied with Synthetic euro oil every 3.5 K miles and top tier gasoline. Developed pinging under load since ~ 50K miles. This was resolved with twice CRC cleaner and then using mid-grade gasoline. Now at 80K miles, even with mid-grade it is pinging pretty bad, sometimes without even much of load esp if it is hot outside. I was not convinced the CRC did much other than diluting the engine oil and forcing a premature oil change. Now, coincidentally, I have noticed some oil loss-nothing crazy by today’s standards but the engine oil starts going down around 2K miles after the oil change and at 3.5K miles which is the next oil change is 3/8 qts low which is new for this engine.

Having another Hyundai with the crappy Theta II engine, I am nervous. That one started burning oil at 70K miles and now at 120K miles is going thru a qt every 300-400 miles.

So, with the Veloster, should I bother with CRC/Seafoam or even a walnut blasting? Am I doomed?

Is that direct injection? If it is, you might have carbon deposits that will require a pro cleanout, no additive can fix it, I think.

Yes, Direct Injection with no port injector.

Try the Seafoam.


Pinging implies carbon in the engine… Seafoam or similar thru the intake would do both the valves and the combustion chambers some good.

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If the boost is too high, such a symptom could occur as well. Here’s a little info on Hyundia boost control, different vehicle, but might be informative

Thanks. I believe the Boost solenoid should throw a code.

Any thoughts on whether the oil consumption is related to the pinging or separate?

Is the oil consumption present right after an oil change or does it take a while?

Oil consumption could possibly cause detonation. Back in the early 1900s motorcycle board racers days, they would all cheat of course. Rules were automotive gasoline but many would use higher octane aviation gas. Fuel testing was done after the races.

Some of those guys would hide a ounce or two of motor oil in a vial and on a cool down lap on the back half of the track would sneak it into the gas tank. That oil would drastically lower the octane and keep them from getting caught.

So yes I would say that it could have an effect since this is a boosted application (and assuming knock sensors, etc are operative) but you need to be careful as pinging can destroy an engine if chronic and/or severe.

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The oil consumption used to start 3K miles after the oil change and since I change it at 3.5K miles, it was negligible. Now, it is starting 2K miles after an oil change, so more noticeable at 3.5K miles when I change it again.
Don’t feel much fuel dilution when I change the oil, but that is just my nose!

Yes, I am worried about the engine’s long term outlook. Would have wanted to keep close to 200K miles, but with the Theta II engine in our Sonata being crap at 120K miles, I think I can not be optimistic.