Tune-up Question for 86 Cadillac



I have an 86 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, 307 engine (V8) w/ 4bbl carb I recently aquired. What type of tune up should I be doing on this? I’m familiar with necessary tune-up procedures on fuel injected cars but not carbed cars. Any tips?


It’s not much different. Plugs, wires if they appear to be old, or a distributor cap kit if needed.
Service or replace the PCV valve and the air/fuel filter.
The carb adjustments should be fixed and should not be tampered with unless there is a specific problem related to the carburetor.
Ignition timing should be checked as a formality. It should be correct but it’s always an unknown if the dist. has been dinked with or the timing incorrectly set in the past. (Test connector should always be used.)

In a shop setting, every car getting a tune-up or major maintenance should also get a compression test.
If the vehicle appears to be running well then a DIYer could skip this.

There’s not too much to these cars. Stay with the recommended factory plugs and avoid any overpriced, trick ones such as Split-Fires, etc.