Tugging and resistance in steering with sharp turns

I have an increasing problem with tugging and resistance in my steering especially when getting in and out of parking spaces, It is not so much noticeable when driving and making turns at intersections. Early on i was hearing some scraping types of noises while turning. Anybody know what I might be dealing with here. It’s a 2005 and hoping to keep going without a repair more than the blue book value. Thanks.

Have you checked the level of the fluid in your power steering system?
Have you verified whether or not the serpentine belt is glazed or loose?

If both the fluid level and the condition of the serpentine belt prove to be okay, then I think that you likely have a worn steering rack. I would suggest that you have a qualified mechanic check that part a.s.a.p., as it is a potential safety issue.

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Fully agreed with VDCdriver about the fluid and belt.

Next thing on the list is whether or not the tire pressure is correct.

Good idea above. Very easy to check the tire pressure. If you had tires recently installed of a different size or more aggressive tread type than came with he vehicle originally, that’s another possibility. Ask your shop to check the trans-axle fluid level too.

The power steering belt is loose.