Trying to sell my car but paint job is turning buyers away

Here is the picture link of the car I’m trying to sell
Any advice on a color that would be better suited?

Your picture is not working.

You link is not showing the picture so can’t tell if the paint looks bad or you just think it is the wrong color . You also did not give much info such as year , make and model. You must have posted on a BMW forum so that is where you will get the best feed back.

What kind of car are we talking about, and at what price point? If you’re selling a $3000 or less “beater”, people don’t expect perfect paint–just that the body isn’t rusting to pieces or damaged from an accident. Also, since a decent paint job costs $2000 or more, you won’t recoup that on the sale of a cheap car, because it won’t increase the price people are willing to pay by very much.

If you’re selling a car worth $10000 or more, then yes people expect decent paint, and they’re going to low-ball you if the paint is chipped/peeling/sun-damaged/etc.

Where’s Earl Scheib when you need him?

Yeah the pic must be a joke but if serious take it to a detailer. Often they can make even bad paint look pretty good. Gonna cost a couple hundred though or do it yourself.

In my neck of the woods, that chain was referred to as “Earl Slob”.

If you’re thinking of changing the color you’ll never recoop the cost of a PROPER paint job. Changing color of a vehicle is very expensive to be done proper.

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If you have bad areas fixed, it will help the sale but it is unlikely to pay the repair cost back.

If you do a cheap repaint for $2000, especially a color change, you will have a much harder time selling the car.

Good paint work is very, very expensive.

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Oh brother Earl Scheib! Havent heard that name in a while now. “I will paint any car for”… They forgot to mention that also includes the Stainless trim, side mirror glass, portions of the windows, sunroof glass if equipped, the door handles and some of the tires.

I consider Maaco the modern equivalent of Earl Scheib.

Back in high school my girl friend had a 48 Plymouth which was painted (maroon) by Earl Scheib. They mask the windows, bumpers, and wheels. Everything else got sprayed.

I agree with others this will not be feasible from an economic standpoint. Body/paint work is labor intensive. I know. I’ve done it and hated every second of it.

Painting is fun. Sanding no, grinding no, filling no, taping no, pounding dents, maybe. There was a time when I was just itching to do some more body work, then I got older. I was watching a Jon Kosmoski youtube on painting and even at over 80 the guy still loves all of it. Made me tired just looking at it. I still think I knew his sister back about 1957. If it was him, he had some of the best model cars I ever saw in his bed room. I’m gonna half to finally ask him if I ever see him.

Used car sales guy used to say there is an ass for every seat, somebody will like the car sooner or later!

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You can attach a jpg photo of your car to your post. There is a bar with an arrow pointing upwards. Hit that icon on the menu bar in your new post and upload your picture.

If I read your post correctly, you have an unpopular color. About the best you can do is to shine it up and hope for the best. Repainting to make it look better requires painting under the hood, inside the doors, inside the trunk, and around all the add-ons. That means removing all the lights and brightwork. If you don’t do all that, it makes the car look worse tan it is already.