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Trying to locate the upstream O2 sensor on 2013 Hyundai Sonata

Hello all.

Much, much, thanks and appreciation - in advance - to any help here.

I am not a car guy but can usually find what I’m looking for on Youtube, etc. For some reason, with this issue, I can’t find exactly what I need.

I am trying to locate the upstream O2 sensor (Sensor 1, Bank 1) on my 2013 Hyundai Sonata. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to find any videos or images that are specific to my car. I have found lots of info for Elantra’s and older Sonata’s, but nothing specific to a 2013.

I’ve checked to see if, by chance, the location of this sensor is in the same place as the Elantra and older model Sonata vids, but so far, no match. I can’t even find what looks like the upstream O2 sensor on my car.

I’m in a jam & need to get this fixed ASAP. Can’t afford to take it to a mechanic. If anyone could point me to a diagram or video regarding an upstream 02 sensor for a 2013 Hyundai Sonata I would be extremely grateful.

Note - not even my owner’s manual shows the location which I found surprising.

Note 2 - additionally, I have found a lot of info on downstream O2 sensor locations. Not sure why I can’t find upstream info.

Does this help?


Unfortunately, no. That’s one of the videos that I’ve found myself but 1) the guy speaks a language that I don’t speak, and 2) it doesn’t confirm that it applies to a 2013 model. I looked in that general location on my car but it didn’t match up.

Thank you, though.

I would suggest you get a flashlight and an inspection mirror and trace it yourself.
Start from identifying where exhaust manifold is and look for the sensor up to the point where you have your first catalytic converter.

Where that video is helpful is that it shows you how the sensor is located between:
a) the point where the exhaust ports merge into one, and
b) the top of the catalytic converter.

On your car, look for that same logical location. The sensor should be obvious. I like the above suggestion to use a flashlight and inspection mirror to aid you.

It’s located on the flex pipe under the vehicle.