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Trying to get at top bolts in my Mitsubishi Raider

How do I get to the top bolts on a 2007 Mitsubishi Raider manual transmission. I need to change the throw out barring

I am not familiar with the specific vehicle, but what you are describing normally requires the removal of the transmission crossmember and lowering the tailshaft enough tilting the entire engine and transsmission down to get to the bolts. You may have use a bunch of extensions, u-joints and sockets to reach/fit. You may even have to use an open end wrench to reach. Be sure and check for bolts that enter from the front, as well, usually near the starter and opposite the starter. Take a very good look at the clutch while you are in there. No use replacing the throwout bearing if you have to tear it down 6 months later for the clutch plate. Good Luck

I already removed the crossmember and lowered the tailshaft. Still not enough room to even be able to find the top bolts.