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Trying to fix main bearing

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty V6. In order to replace the main bearing, do I have to remove the engine completely or can I leave it in the vehicle and just drop the oil pan?

You do realize that in order to replace a main bearing you’re going to have to drop the crankshaft. And that means in reality you’re looking at rebuilding the engine.

Do you know there is more than one “main bearing”? Post back what problem you are having and how it came to be include your automotive diagnosis and repair experience level,have you ever done a job like you describe?

Like what has been posted, main bearing replacement is no easy task. What happened to the old main bearing? If it was spinning, you can forget it. The main cap and the block itself will need machining and oversized bearings installed. You might want to consider buying a short block assy and transfering the heads and accessories to it.