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Trying to find brand for rim

One of my current rims is rusted on the inside. I’ve already done the seal but it helps for a short time, not permanent solution. Can anyone help me find the brand and model of my rim? Had to shrink picture for size limit. Thank you in advance.

There are places out there that claim to repair rims, is it too far gone?

Start looking or just get four new ones. Places like TireRack can even show how they will look on your car.

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Yes it is too far gone. I took it to costco so they could do the seal and they showed me a pic. Thank you.

I have been looking at tire rack and carid for the last 2 weeks and still haven’t been able to find it. Might have to buy a new set -.-.

Center cap says “KAIZER”

Looks like they went out of business in 2004, so those wheels are at least 16 years old.

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Ooh ok. Thank you. I didn’t know that. I was searching Kalzer but the only thing that would come up would be the hub caps being sold.

So explain how an aluminum wheel can rust. Even a chrome plated aluminum wheel! Iron and steel rust. Aluminum does corrode but it isn’t rust. Something fishy here…


Apologies. You are correct, I meant corrode. I shouldve reread before posting. I’ll try to put a picture of the inner part of the rim when I go do the seal again. I could be wrong and it mite be something else but not air leaks from the valve or no puncture on tire. Air leaks from where the seal is suppose to form between the tire and rim.

Near any big military bases? Go down main road from town to base. All kinds of dealers selling truck/suv accessories. Seems the young soldiers really like to fix their trucks.

What I don’t understand is how a wheel could corrode beyond repair.

Have you checked with ant wheel repair services ?


The wheel repair might be fine, cost it out because if one goes it may not be long until others follow the same path,

Is it just me or does that wheel/tire combo look disproportionately small compared to wheel well and presumably the rest of the truck its attached to?

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Look’s like it to me also.


Looks like it says 305/40R22

Yea. It’s a used work truck. I’m just trying to keep it running in good condition until I can trade it in for a newer one.

I don’t think it’s 305mm wide. I’d say 205/40/22 which would translate to a 28.5 OD which looks about right from the picture IMHO.

As a work truck, what about a complete set of rims from a recycling (junkyard), you might get lucky and find like new rims and tires from a late model truck.

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Looks like 305 to me. 31.6”