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Truck Towing Capacity

My son bought a 2000 GMC Somoma pickup with a 2.2 liter engine (base model). I have found that the towing capacity os 6400 lbs with the 4.4 liter engine but cannot find that capacity with the 2.2 liter engine. Anyone know the answer?

You’ve waded into murky waters. Without knowing much about the truck other than the engine size, which is apparently good for 120 hp/140 tq, I’m inclined to say the answer is “not much”.

This website has a number of good articles to browse through:

including how to figure out the specifics, here (look for the “Weighing Terms” box):

But bearing in mind that the truck in question is 10 yrs old, the condition of the engine, cooling system, xmission, brakes, etc… should be taken into account as well. If any of the aforementioned is any less than tip-top, your towing situation could be compromised. And IMO, you’re already pressing your luck if you’re planning on towing anything even remotely heavy w/ that little engine.

Good luck

You should not tow much more than a lawnmower or 4-Wheeler trailer with this little truck. Tow capacities are greatly inflated by all the vehicle manufacturers so you really have to be careful there.

The 2.2L is rated for 2500 pounds max IIRC. Real world capacity is probably a closer to 1500-2000 pounds. Also the optional engine was the 4.3L V6.

The condition of the clutch in a manual is of great importance too. So FoDaddy’s real world estimates seem very reasonable to me. It’s a case where the chassis can probably handle more than the running gear, so it really depends how expendable the vehicle drive train is to you pushing 2500 to 3000 lbs on the high end.
The considerably higher capacity of the 4.3 tells you what an excellent motor it was and why it should still be used today instead of that junk 5 cyl. they have now. Another great decision GM; cost you a bailout and majority share to the govt.

The base model isn’t the same equipment minus the bigger engine. Trucks with the same name can have six different frames. Some pickups are made to lose half their value if somebody steals your trailer hitch and scratches the bumper while doing it.