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Truck shudders between 45 and 55 MPH - 2004 Ford F150 FX4

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ordinary Joe just joined and finds a 6 year old thread and posts two links to an Amazon merchant. It makes me wonder so Carolyn can make the call. I feel it is entirely different than someone who has been registered for a while.

I think he’s just trying to be helpful


I agree. I don’t think Amazon needs spammers to advertise. If so I really don’t care.

I think he’s just trying to be helpful.

Haven’t posted this for a few weeks:

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Hey - I just found this thread!
My 2004 F150 5.4l just crossed 200K and I now periodically hear a “clicking” sound from my right front wheel as I drive. When I engage the 4x4 it goes away and stays away after turning off the 4x4. This just started recently after noticing the 4x4 button had gotten engaged and driven on pavement for about 1 mile or so. The sound doesn’t return until the truck is turned off and restarted. Suggestions?

Did any one figure out what this shudder was from? I couldn’t find a definitive answer on here. I have an 04 fx4 with a 6 inch lift and it has been a nightmare. Bought it at 107k and a plug broke into the block within 2k so all plugs and coils replaced. Engine blew at 120k so I replaced that along with two cracked exhaust manifolds and a thrashed wheel bearing. Now my truck just started this 45 mph shudder at 125k when accelerating and I am getting the P0420 code for the cats. I read in another thread that this shudder could be from u joints? Has anyone fixed this issue successfully? Also, anyone know about after market cats for this truck? Any help is greatly appreciated.

If an automatic, make sure to eliminate torque converter shudder before considering something more complicated.

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I had the same problem as well as buddy of mine. We searched for weeks until a forum in stated people were having problems due to bad spark plug. We changed them and problem was solved. Only bad side is changing them requires special skill and I different to f…up so we took it in at 500 a pop

Just curious, what is the issue w/diyer spark plug replacement on F150’s? Is it that problem where the thread sticks far enough into the cylinder that end can become carbonized and therefore hard to twist out without breaking the plug or damaging the threads in the head in the process?

I had the same annoying problem. I took a noid light to see if I was getting fire to all of my plugs, no. Then I checked for continuity from my coils to the computer AFTER I DISCONNECTED THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL FROM THE BATTERY. I had continuity so I changed the computer in my truck. This solved the shutter problem along with the running lean code.

I found a rebuilt computer with all of the latest updates on ebay for less than $200. Then I had my keys reprogrammed by a locksmith for $60. Now my truck runs awesome!!!

I changed my coils and plugs before I changed my computer… At a 1/4 tank I added a can of sea foam, drove for 30 miles.

The next morning drove enough to get my engine warm.

Then used my cordless impact and steadily/slowly removed my plugs without any problems ( FIRST I BUMPED THE IMPACT UP, THEN I BUMPED IT DOWN, THEN I REMOVED THE PLUGS).