2014 Ford F-150 shudder

I have a 2014 f150 supercab 2WD with 38k miles and it has the 3.7 motor and 6 speed auto transmission. Lately I’ve been experiencing some shuddering when I take off from a complete stop. It usually happens between 15 and 30 mph. I am Deaf so I cannot hear any sounds. When it goes over 30 mph, it’s quiet. Only happens after taking off from a complete stop. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks y’all.

It might be torque converter shudder. Usually the complaints we get here for that are a little higher speeds than you are reporting, but it could still be that. That’s the lock-up function which provides you better mpg. It’s supposed to lock up at a certain speed during accelerations and stay locked up, but it can get confused and switch rapidly into and out of lock mode, causing a shudder. On some vehicles it is possible to disable it temporarily. Ask your shops if that’s possible, as then you could verify if that’s the problem. If so, it can often be fixed or at least reduced by doing a proper transmission servicing.