Truck problems

I own a 88 chevy z71 with a 350 and Recently my truck has been pouring white smoke out the exhaust when i stp and it smells like antifreeze i thought it was the head gasket but there is no water in the oil also it is starting to feel a little weaker i would appreciate any little info fom anyone

If it’s pouring white smoke out the tailpipe it’s a blown head gasket like you thought.

The coolant mixing with the oil is being cooked and pushed through the cat converter. JMHO though.

You don’t have to get water in the oil to have a blown head or manifold gasket.

Yup, you can have leakage between the coolant and the combustion chamber without any leakage into the oil, it depends which portion of the gasket has failed.

Its your head gasket…Get it fixed fast,or your engine is toast!!

Since you are noticing a loss of power, you are probably losing compression in one or more of the cylinders. Have a compression check done and read the spark plugs at the same time. The cylinder(s) that are combusting with coolant inside will show up on the plug ceramic. Also a leakdown test of all the cylinders would quantify the health of the rings of the nonleaking cylinders and verify that the air is getting back into the cooling system on the low compression ones.

If the compression is low on only one side, you will have to decide whether to do just one head or bite the bullet and do both heads prophylactically. Check the head surface for flatness and surface if necessary. If the engine has high mileage, consider doing a valve grind, guide renewal, and stem seal replacement.