Truck heater

how many things can cause a truck heater not to work/

My guess is 13,000.

Two things.

  1. lack of a heat source…like if the engine coolant isn’t heating up or is empty.
  2. lack of the ability to get the heat from the coolant to the cabin. Like if the heater core is plugged, the fan motor dead, the duct blend doors inoperative, or something of the sort.

So, what exactly happens and/or does not happen when you try to work the heater?

thanks much for your advice, my son (Mr. Fix It) came into town and perty much agreed with you,he flushed out the heater core and I now have heat. Thanks again for your response…outlaw

Thanks for posting back. It’s always good to hear the final outcome. We so rarely do.

Happy motoring.