Truck does not start has to be jumped off

Mechanics cannot find out why it occasionally does not start and has to be jumped off. If left not driven for a day walk out next morning try to start and it has to be jumped off. It only has 8,000 miles on it. 2013 Ford F150

You have a parasitic drain on the battery, a bad battery or a bad alternator. What does your dealer say since this truck is still under warranty. If the mechanics are at the dealership then you need to find another dealer to check out this truck.

Keep records of every visit. Next time it occurs, call the dealer and ask them what to do. They may want it towed in and the tow truck driver will try to start it befor he tows it. That’s a record of the no-start. If you get enough of the, Ford will have to replace the truck.

Define “Jumped Off”…

Jumped off another vehicle.


Somehow Tester’s explanation didn’t seem to help here. I’m envisaging Dukes of Hazard right now…

Or rolling down a hill…Lets see…There’s Jump start, bump start, Started by connecting jumper cables, started by connecting a battery charger,“Jumped Off” can mean any of the above…

PTA where are you? Have you jumped off this thread?

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Something is draining or a bad battery. Doubt it’s the alternator since it does start if you don’t let it sit for a while. That tells me the alternator is working.

This should be under warranty. DEMAND that the dealer fix this.

You shouldn’t even be asking this question. The vehicle is completely under warranty. It’s Fords problem, not yours. I , also, have never heard the term “jumped off”.