Troubleshooting 13 Kia Optima Ex - Engine Codes/Fuel issue?

2013 Kia Optima Ex 139,000

Looking for suggestions on where to go next for fixing my car.

Issues started with the vehicle stalling after re-fueling the car. Whether I fill it up all the way or any amount, the car will stall after starting unless the RPMs are increased until you put in in drive.
Then engine code P2297 - O2 sensor out of Range during deceleration bank 1 sensor 1 popped.
I changed the upstream O2 sensor and that code stayed away, but then I began having rough idle issues and the stalling after refueling.
Now I have two codes: P2188 System too rich at idle Bank 1 and P0172 system too rich bank 1.

I am not a mechanic, but I am able to fix things with guidance through reading or YouTube. Just looking for suggestions here.

Thank you!

There may be a problem with EVAP purge valve.

The purge valve is normally closed when the engine is off.

If the purge valve allows fuel vapors to enter the engine when refueling, this will cause a rich fuel mixture.

This then causes the engine to run rough or stall when restarted after refueling.

Sometimes it takes a while for the Check Engine light to turn on with a purge valve code while this is happening.

So, a problem with the purge valve is the first place to look.



Is this what youre referring to?

A P2188 can be caused by a dirty or bad MAF sensor OR a bad O2 sensor (eliminate that because of the new sensor) plus the P0172 which indicates a bad or dirty MAF sensor. If you have a filter element you oil (a K&N for example) that can cause a dirty MAF. Try cleaning it first with special cleaner available at the parts store. If that doesn’t work, change the sensor.




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Going to clean the MAF sensor now, didn’t even think about that. Already have a can of cleaner in the garage

Concur w/above, symptoms consistent w/purge valve problem, allowing fumes from gas tank into engine intake during refueling. The gasoline fumes above the fuel level in the tank are supposed to only be pushed as far as the evap canister during refueling. My older Corolla’s purge valve screws into cooling jacket, opens/closes automatically based on coolant temperature. Yours is probably electric solenoid actuated, computer controlled, based on coolant temperature sensor. Besides a faulty purge valve, problem could be coolant temp sensor, or wiring problem between computer and purge valve.

Being a conservative sort, me, I wouldn’t monkey with O2 or MAF sensors until purge valve was known to be working correctly. Avoid chasing your tail.

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I got to wondering why my Corolla doesn’t have the OP’s same problem? It’s purge valve could well be open during refueling b/c it’s open/closed status is not computer controlled, open/close like a cooling system thermostat, action by coolant temperature. So it could get a dose of gasoline vapor, but I’ve never noticed any engine performance difference after re-fueling. My theory is why it doesn’t occur on the Corolla is b/c its purge valve outlet doesn’t go to intake manifold; instead it goes to the throttle body, and the throttle valve is closed during refueling.