Troubleshoot black ooze from emergency brake pedal of 90 Mercury Sable


Help please! I own a 90 Merc Sable with 170K miles. Just noticed a black, tarry ooze leaking from/or onto the emergency brake pedal (not pad). There are lots of other issues with this car, so I don’t plan any major repairs. Just want to know if the car is now junk.


Even though it could be the brake master cylinder leaking; do you really have to have a reason to junk the car? See if the brake fluid is low and check prices first, and if the cost is too much, then you already know what to do. It depends on how much the car is worth to you. Buying a much newer one isn’t always easy, no matter how badly I want you to get one!


I doubt if it is brake fluid. To come from the master cylinder it would have to go through the power booster. More likely it’s transmission oil coming up through the speedometer/odometer cable.