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Trouble with acceleration in the mountains

I have had power problems with my Jetta when driving into the mountains for the last 2 years.

The first major repair I had done 2 years ago was to fix a fuel leak in the fuel injection pump. It seemed great driving around town for about six months. I took it to the shop again and this time they said the intake manifold needed to be cleaned. After that it seemed fine for another few months- then not. I took it in this time to the Volkswagon dealership. They found a hose that had a bad tear. That fixed the problem until I discovered a couple of weeks ago that once again I cannot go past 30 or 40 MPH up the hill.

Can anyone tell me what the likely culprit is?


Not with the information you provide, but that repaired injection pump would get a serious look over if it was assigned to me. I would make sure the exhaust was not restricted also.

There is a 5 page step-by-step guide about resolving poor throttle response issues that centers around some inital checks of fuel pump timing and the EGR system.

If not the exhaust being clogged or the injection pump being problematic then maybe the pump timing is off or the engine is getting weak.
Maybe a compression test is in order just to make sure you’re not throwing money and time at a dying motor.

Model year? Mileage??

There are a number of things the trouble could be. It could be as simple as a partially clogged fuel filter.

That is why VW put out a 5 page step-by-step guide to resolving this issue. I cannot understand why people will not use the procedures outlined by the manufacture but will run to Goober under the shade tree for advice.

Follow this link and read more Tech Tip: Poor Throttle Response on VW’s Diesel Engine.

There are lots more links out there. Do this Google Search.

That link is almost a direct copy of what is in the VW TSB, it does miss a few steps, like making sure the basics are right first.