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Trouble starting

I have a 79 Alfa Romeo spider that is in mint condition with only 15,000 original miles. I start if religiously all winter and it turns over like a champ. But on a nice sunny day if I drive it to work and it sits in the sun all day it doesn’t want to start. I end up getting desparate and give it some gas while turning it over and sometimes that works and sometimes I end up flooding it. Why does this otherwise reliable vehical have a problem with sitting in the sun all day (other than the fact that it is Italian and I’m lucky it starts at all)?

I would guess it is a fuel issue. As I recall those mid to late Alfas were rather sensitive. It likely will mean a real Alfa pro, I think there are about 6 in the US.

I figured the same. I’m thinking that maybe it has to do with the preasure in the fuel line building up over the course of the day. I live in Dayton Ohio and am lucky to have nearby in Columbus an Alfa expert.