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Transportation in different communities

Just an observation. A high school friend is now mayor in a Los Angeles suburb. His city has suspended all public transportation. The Oregon city I now live in has made public transportation free for everyone. Talk about differing approaches.

In the meantime the shop I work at is still open for business. Slower, but we still have work to do and cars coming in. We have one employee who wipes down cars before we get in them, customers and delivery people are only allowed in one at a time.

We will see what next week brings.

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I read an article comparing the Covid outbreak in LA county and New York. Key differences were population density and public transportation. NY has a much higher population density than LA. LA is spread out and designed for the car. So many, many more people use public transport in NY than LA.

Hard to social distance on narrow NY sidewalks or small elevators in high-rise apartments. Hard to social distance on a subway or bus plus there is no way to keep the surfaces clean. The peak-virus was reached 2 weeks earlier in NY than LA… They hope it was peak, anyway.

My uncle has lived most of his life in Brooklyn. Hard to shelter in place there. Can’t really stock up on 2 weeks of groceries when you live in a 4th floor one bedroom apartment. He does own a car. He has to take a subway, a bus, and a 15 minute walk to get to where he parks it.

I grew up in LA. I can’t imagine how public transportation is useful to anyone there, other than the folks who drive to a park and ride to avoid parking downtown, Century City, and the like.

The city just wasn’t designed for public transport. It grew to prominence in an era where people owned cars. The city was designed for cars.

NY, and to a lesser extent, Chicago, grew large in a much earlier era before the invention of the auto and relied on the only practical mechanized travel of the day. Streetcars, rail lines and subways.

I am more in contact with wild animals than humans where I live.More chance of getting eaten by a wolf than getting the corona virus.The only other transportation I have beside a car is a snowmobile.

I live in a southern NJ township which is a suburb of Philadelphia. Public transportation here consists of a train which is a 22 minute ride to Philly. That train is on a reduced schedule now, and a few of the less used stations have been closed.

Unfortunately, it appears that the peak in NYC will be in 2-3 weeks.
If only it was… a perfect paradise… like Florida, where nobody ever gets ill.


That’s because they spend every good hour at the beach, the golf course and drink Land Shark beer.

Even with close social contact, they never become ill from communicable diseases.

You mean God’s Waiting Room? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Villages in central Florida has a very high rate of STDs, I hear. :heart_eyes: