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Transmission wont shift into high. dangerous?

hi my 2001 altima wont shift to high gear. driving around town seems to be ok, will driving on the highway be dangerous?


Do you not want this fixed? It could be simple. Let a mechanic tell you if it is fixable. Someone who actually looks at the car. Unless you have more info no one here will take a geuss.

“Hi gear” sometimes means the torque converter is not locking up…This allows the converter to slip too much and it will overheat at highway speeds…I would have a pro check it out before it fails completely…

If it is not shifting into the highest gear, you will be pushing engine RPMs a lot higher than they’re meant to go while cruising, and for a lot longer than when driving in town. Even if you’re nowhere near redline, you will be reducing the longevity of the engine at the very least. And you will get appalling gas mileage. I would not trust such a vehicle for more than running around town, and if you plan on keeping it for a while, get it fixed as soon as possible.

Have you checked to see if your “overdrive” button is off? This will prevent the transmission from shifting to the highest gear. It should be “on” especially at highway speeds. I leave my overdrive on all the time.

If your car can go 60 mph without going over 4000 rpm it isn’t dangerous. It is wasting a lot of gas, but not dangerous.