Transmission Servicing

I just bought my son a 1994 Geo Prism, with 154,000 miles. The previous owner had never changed the fluid. Some people think I should change it. Other people think if I put new fluid in it, it’s going to start having problems. I don’t want to sink a bunch of money into, but would like to do the basic maintenance to give it a fighting chance. What do you think?

Do the service. If it’s going to die, it’s way too late to stop it now. There’s no magic in old transmission fluid.

You will start having problems if you DON’T change the fluid.

Do a change NOT a flush

Agree with the others; do NOT accept the service known as the transmission flush. Insist on regular transmission sevice where they drop the pan and change the filter (if so provided).

do NOT go to a jiffyquickopresto lube joint. go to a transmission shop. ask for references from friends, co workers, family and neighbors.

DO NOT go to jiffyquickopresto lube places. EVER. did i say EVER? i meant EVER EVER EVER!