Transmission questions


i have a one owner 2000 park avenue buick with 65,000 intown seemed to hesitate upn driveing occasionaly.and seemed to vibrate slightly while in gear when i stopped at red light.had three look at it as no light showed on dash board but the rp rateing on transmission showed a possible proble.had the mount replaced and was told to try it out.i have a real good and steady running you think this was the problem??


you will get a lot more help with your problem if we can understand it.

What is “but the rp rateing on transmission showed a possible proble.”


Whatever fixes the problem is good.


For the occasional hesitation, have the spark plugs, air filter, pcv valve changed. Use a carb and throttle body spray cleaner to clean the idle air control valve pintle and air passage, the throttle valve plate and bore. Have the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor cleaned with a MAF cleaner. The engine mount change was for the vibration; not, for the hesitation.