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Transmission problems

I bought a 2002 Honda Passport with 64,000 miles less than 2 yrs ago from a VW dealership, I have kept up on the maintenance of the truck and recently noticed problems with the 3rd gear. It has been slipping or not going into 3rd, and was wondering if this a normal problem with this type of vehicle and where should I turn for help. I have had it looked at by a few mechanics and all of them say I need to replace the transmission, which would cost around $1200-$1800. Is there any recommendations you could give me on this situation and maybe what I should do, the cost seems quite high for a 2002 with under 76,000 miles? I do appreciate any suggestions and trust your opinions! Thanks for your time.


Actually $1200-$1800 is not bad to overhaul that transmission. A bench job in my shop would run you $2000 just to start. Now, if they’re just going to tear it down and replace/repair what is broken then I would say no way. Its all going to depend on what you are getting for the 12-$1800 price tag.