Transmission problems with my '06 Mazda 3



Hello all. I’m a newbie here, so please excuse me if I make any major faux pas. I have a 2006 Mazda 3 sportwagon with a 5-speed manual transmission. Currently,it has about 60k miles on the odo. I’m the original owner. This is not my first manual car, and I have never had transmission problems with other cars.

My problem is this: When I shift into 5th gear, the gear grinds. Once I’m in 5th gear, I can visibly see the shift knob move up and down when applying the throttle. At times, the transmission gets stuck in 5th gear and I have to pump the clutch twice to get it un-stuck and shift into neutral. I have no problems with any other gear.

And to make things more interesting, here’s some history of the car: When the car had 20k miles, the clutch completely burned out on the highway and I had to have it replaced (not covered under warranty, BTW). At 30k, I had issues shifting into 3rd & 5th, which was caused by faulty synchros. I had those replaced under warranty.

Does anybody have any idea what’s going on with my car? With only 60k miles, there’s no reason I should be having these issues.


You need to see a good transmission mechanic. I suspect you had deeper problems than synchros when you last had it worked on. They just fixed the tranny for the moment. If it’s visibily moving the shifter then things are badly amiss internally. The entire transmission needs looking at.