Transmission problems with 02 Intrigue

Will attempt to make this short… and 1st off,as my names implies, I am not a mechanic by any means. My '02 Intrigue is a automatic, V6 3.4, approx. 186,000 miles. 1st thing to go out was shifter linkage cable, replaced it. But it came back off, and my car won’t go into Park, not even from control arm under the hood. I’ve been manually changing gears from under the hood, from Neutral to Drive etc, it’s a pain, but Ive managed. Service engine light recently came on, got code 0742 stating my TCC is stuck on. It stalls out when stopping, and gets very hot under the hood quickly. Now yesterday, I drive 30 feet and my rpm skyrockets and car won’t accelerate, until I shut car off and restart, allowing me to make it another 30 feet… my trans fluid is also brown and needs changing I know. Being recently divorced and next to no money, my question is this: should I just scrap the car for $300 or replace TCC and get trans flushed and hope for the best?
After spending days on google, I finally decided to create a account here after seeing intelligent responses, most from @transman618
All advice appreciated

The transmission is finished.

Look for another vehicle.


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transman618 is no longer active on the forum but @tester is right. This car needs a transmission rebuild and is likely not worth spending that much on. Sorry, and Good Luck.

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I was afraid of that… :pensive: