Transmission not engaging intermittently

We have an 02 Dodge Caravan. After a short ride yesterday, reverse would not engage. I tried shifting in and out of gears and it still didn’t engage. I turned off and on the engine, then it worked fine.

After driving 8 miles home, when I put it it reverse it shuddered, then worked fine. I checked transmission fluid and it was fine. (Just last week fluid levels were checked with an oil change prior to a long weekend trip from Ohio to Virginia and back.) My wife told me there have been times intermittently when she has put it into drive and it has not engaged, so she revved the engine and it jerked into gear.

I drove the car today and tested all gears plenty and had no troubles.

What are we looking at? Should we wait for it to act up more before taking it in, or does it need something checked?

Drive it until it acts up then immediately, without shutting off the ignition, take it to one of your local auto parts stores and have them scan the computer for codes. Do not shut off the ignition until after you have scanned the computer. Post back with the code/s if there are any and we’ll go from there.