Transmission lines

Can I use neoprene hoses for the entire transmission lines?

As long as it is specifically made to to be transmission cooler line.

They must be able to withstand hot ATF under modest pressure…A shop that makes up hydraulic hoses would be your best source . They will have the fittings (connections) too…

I would agree with either cigroller’s or Caddyman’s recommendations. Don’t scrimp or take chances on transmission cooler lines or a transmission may be wiped very quickly if a leak develops.

Transmision cooler hose is AOK but looks terrible like a temporary repair…As a pro, I’d never do it but if its a farm vehicle…who cares?

Can you find transmission cooler line long enough to reach between the radiator and the transmission? I certainly would not union up a bunch of shorter lines together to make the reach.

If you’re inclined to want it, you can buy hydraulic hose ( cooler hose) on 1000’ spools. Just be ware and dDO NOT use fuel line hose. Ir’ll work, but it will leak and fail at the worst possible…probably in a tunnel ar at a toll booth or something… S[pring for the hydraulic hose. Pressure rating of 100PSI is good. The pressure in those lines might get as high as 20 or so but for the most part, its really a low or no-flow (locked converter clutch). So I suppose you could get that 1000’ foot spool and skip the cooler/radiator and just wrap the hoses around the car a zillion time…lol. Anyhow, most important is that you make SURE you have flow when you’re done and no kinked/blocked lines or all your work will be for not. Good luck.

I can buy transmission cooler line by the foot in more than one place. Finding the proper fittings can be a bit more challenging, but any length of cooler line should be easy.

I’ve made up some cooler lines with steel tubing, a quality rubber hose, and by using ferrules from the welding supply house. This takes a special pair of Vise Grip crimping pliers but once those welding gas hose ferrules are crimped down it’s not going anywhere.
I also use these ferrules on fuel lines too as they don’t dig into the rubber, won’t loosen, and actually look kind of professional.