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Transmission flush

What are signs your transmission may need to be flushed and new fluid and new screen needs to be added? Also if the transmission itself was having issues, would it occur no matter if the car engine is warmed up or not. Also how do you pick whom should do the flush and what is a fair price to do it? My car:

98 ford taurus

6 cylinder

3.0 ohv


The taurus years 95-99 had troublesome trannys. I hope you haven’t waited to now to have it serviced.

A pan drop and filter change might be a better option. If a flush is a fluid exchange that does not back flush, then you will get quite a bit more old fluid out. Pan drop should be done first, then the fluid exchange.

You have to ask the mechanic what kind of machine he uses and whether it is a back flush type, or not. Prices vary, but I think I get the pan drop, filter change and fluid exchange for around $150, at my trusted independent mechanic.

This procedure should be occurring about every 30K miles or so. If you haven’t had one done lately, doing a couple of pan drops and filter changes (if required) instead of the fluid exchange at 15-20K intervals might help make up for any potential neglect, and be more gentler than a flush or fluid exchange.

Your question seems to indicate that your transmission is having some problems, possibly just when cold. It is worth trying a pan drop and fluid change. Call a local (not chain) transmission shop in your area and they will tell you what they will charge. The likelyhood is that you might need some transmission work but you could be lucky. I would try a fluid change if it were my car but my only expenses would be for the fluid and filter. To find a good transmission shop I would ask a police garage or school bus garage who they use.

Actually it’s the opposite, the transmission runs perfect while the car is cold, it’s after driving for a bit and the engine temp has reached it’s operating temp that this trouble begins to occur. It also only happens going from dead stop, once I get past the first shift everything else is just fine.

It’s possible that a low fluid level could cause this although I don’t think that is the problem. Check the fluid level anyway and if fine you might consider having the car scanned for codes.

Changing the transmission fluid/filter every 30k miles will prevent many questions like this from being asked as it’s often akin to closing the barn door after the horses escaped.

As to cost that will vary a lot. The dealers around here get about 225 and up for a flush only and a flush only is something that should not be done. The pan should be dropped and the filter changed before the flush.

Checked fluid and it’s okay, although is not as "red’ when hot as it is when it is cool. The code I am getting right now is a bad EGR valve/sensor and have not gotten it fixed yet.

What are signs your transmission may need to be flushed

A past due notice for the mechanic's boat. ...

The time to change the transmission fluid is signaled only by the mileage on your odometer as compared to the service schedule.
You change the fluid to prevent a problem from happening, not to solve one that has already occurred. Most of the time, once you have operational symptoms, it’s too late for a fluid change alone to fix it.