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Transmission flush


I just bought a Toyota corolla 2000 make with automatic transmission. I went to Firestone for inspection they said car needs transmission and coolant flush. Can somebody guide me Is it necessary to get these things done or I can just change the transmission oil and coolant

Stay away from the flush. But at that age (9 years)and mileage you should get a fluid and filter change, as called for in your owner’s manual.

Docnick is correct. The fluid and filter needs to be changed. But don’t let Firestone do it. Take it to a good independent or a tranny specialist.

I’ve never understood this. How can replacing 100% of the old fluids be detrimental?

As to changing the tranny fluid, have the pan removed to determine if a flush is going even beneficial. If there’s particles of metal in the pan, don’t bother. If not, do the flush.

As far as the cooling system, there are methods to determine the condition of the coolant. Again, a flushing of the cooling system replaces 100% of the coolant.

You just bought this vehicle, and if you don’t have any repair history of the vehicle, these would be the first two things to have done. Then after that, the power steering and brake fluid fluid should be checked out.


I agree that the fluids should be changed, but get a mechanic to do it, not someone who works in a tire store. Firestone is a place to buy tires, but not so good for vehicle maintenance and repair.

Concerning the flush:

  • If you know the trans filter is clean, and
  • if you know there is no sentiment in the bottom of the pan, and
  • if you know the shop will use the correct fluid for your car (and not some generic fluid with an additive),
    then a transmission flush should be OK.

The above “ifs” are a tall order. Why not just do what the car manufacturer recommended, which is to drop the pan, change the filter, and refill.

Some vehicles…say “Do NOT flush”. Says it could harm the valve body if power flushed.