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Transmission flush

i have a 2004 jeep grand cherekee with 48,500 miles. i was told that i needed a transmission flush because it was really dirty. I have been told not to do it and then some say i should do it dont know who to believe. what should be done thanks

Take the Jeep to an independent mechanic that will drop the pan and change the filter, rather than a flush. Not servicing your transmission is a good way to cut its life in half.

Who told you it needed to be flushed?? Was it one of these fast lube places?? I would let a trans shop look at it and if the fluid does indeed look dirty (Contaminated) then I would let them flush it. MAKE SURE though, that they understand that you want the pan dropped and the filter changed BEFORE they even hook up the flush machine.


That just added $50.00 to that $100.00 flush,just so the OP knows they most likely will charge more to drop the pan and change the filter.

need to have one done on a 02 chevy with 46.000 miles.ask for them to drop the pan and a new filter.staying away from the flush.