Transmission Flush for Saab 03

I have a 2003 Saab and my mechanic mentioned that the transmission fluid is dirty and it should be flushed. This is my wife’s car. She also mentioned that the transmission has begun to slip about once a week or less. It seems to me that we should sell the car rather than doing the flush? Any thoughts?

I would recommend a transmission drain and refill with a new filter rather than a flush. But in your case, you really are just looking for an excuse to sell the car, so go ahead, buy something new, our economy could use the “stimulus”.

It probably won’t be worth it. The idea is to have the transmission fluid serviced at regular intervals that prevents the transmission fluid from getting to that condition. But once it gets to that condition, and there’s slipping occuring, a transmission fluid exchange isn’t going to save it.


You did not say how many miles, but I would guess a 2003 would have had enough miles that the transmission fluid should have been changed (w/ filter cleaning or change) before this. Chances are good that damage has been done and a change will only extend life a little. Many people put off changing the fluid (even some manufacturers are specifying regular changes) and only have it done once it start to have problems and then blame the fluid change when it fails.

I have two suggestions:
  • Sell the car and buy new. Remember buying used might get you someone’s car who has a like problem and is trying to dump it on someone else.

  • get a fluid change w/ filter clean and be ready to repair or replace it as needed. This one will likely cost you far less in the long run, but it sounds like you want a new car. As long as you can afford a new car there is no reason not to buy one.