Transmission fluid


I have a question about transmission fluid my son-inlaw has a envoy denila and he was driving it and the speedometer was pegging out at 140 and i swear we diddn’t go over 60 but we checked his transmission and the flid was brown I thought it was red firestone said there was nothing wrong it that possible?


Transmission fluid should be changed periodically. Check your owners manual for recommended time intervals. Sometimes fluid filled at the factory is not red/pink. However, the speedometer problem is not due to the transmission fluid. It could be a bad speed sensor (vss) but you will likely have to take it in for an accurate diagnosis.


I agree that the transmission fluid is not connected to the speedometer. Are you certain you weren’t going 140 kilometers per hour instead of 140 miles per hour? I had a 1990 Aerostar with a digital speedometer. I could push a button and the speedometer and odometer would register in kilometers. I had a great time on the highway when I had passengers and would run along at 104 kmh. They didn’t realize that I was only going about 65 mph.