Transmission fluid to your oil to clean hydraulic lifters


This is really a motorcycle question, but a engine is an engine. I have a Honda, 2 cylinder, 1100cc cycle with hydraulic lifters. Every now an then they start to click & clack, usually after a longer ride. I only notice them when I have stoped and the motor is still running. A mechanic told me they could not be adjusted without taking the engine apart. He suggested I add about 1/2 quart of automatic transmission fluid. The motor holds about 3and1/2 quarts of oil. He says this will clean the lifters and stop the noise. Does this sound like he is looking for an engine overhaul once I do this?


Actually, it will work. I’ve tried it on a lot of v-8s. But, it doesn’t sound like you have a lifter problem. This sounds more like an oil viscosity problem. Your MC is air cooled so the oil has to do almost all of the cooling. Mix about 1 quart of thick oil into the oil you usually use until the lifter noise quiets down.


What kind of oil are you using now, by that I mean the weight of the oil? 10w30, 10w40, synthetic or regular? What does Honda recommend for this thing?

I agree with Beefy except for the part about using a quart of thick oil. I would switch to a heaver oil overall or one with a greater viscosity range, I.e if you are using 10w30, you may want to try 10w40 or 15w40. You might also look into a synthetic or a diesel oil.


I am using 10-40 which is recommended by the manual and the shop. It is liquid cooled engine. A 1100cc, Honda, Shadow, Spirit, year 2002 with 8,000 miles. I just got back from a ride and I noticed a light tappin noise. I changed the oil last week and left it just above the low level line on the dip stick. I figured this would allow me room to add the transmission fluid if necessary. I noticed there are different types of transmission fluid. I bought ATF. This type of Honda has the transmission intergrated into the engine and uses the engine oil to lubricate the transmission.