Transmission Fluid Flush

I have been advised by the dealership where I keep up the service maintenance on my 2006 Jetta TDI that I need to have a transmission fluid flush as a result of my 40,000 mile check. This job will cost approximately $500-600. What is this and is it that necessary at this time. I try to make all my maintenance checkups as the manual requires, but this seems extreme. Any advice?

Check the maintenance schedule that came with the car. If it says you need transmission service at 40K, then you need it. If it doesn’t say that, then it’s a profit generator for the VW dealer.

That price seems about four times what it should be.

It’s a good idea to have the transmission fluid exchanged as a regular maintenance service. But the dealers quote is a little too much.

Locate an indepedant garage that provides this service. It can be done at a much lower cost. And when you have this service performed it should also include the removal of transmission pan for an inspection prior to the fluid exchange.


ATF fluid exchanges are one area where the owner’s manual may not tell you enough information, or its frequency is way too long. Consensus on this board is to do ATF fluid change, filter replacement with a pan drop every 25-30K miles. From this perspective, your vehicle is due.

However, the price quoted is too high. Unless there is something peculiar about your Jetta, you should be able to get this done for around $200, possibly less. Call an independent transmission shop and get an estimate before you commit. Post back if you have an questions.

Is it an automatic? I’d find a good independent VW shop to do a drain and fill at a fraction of the price.

Read was it says exactly in your owner’s manual. At 40,000 miles it is normally desirable to CHANGE the FLUID and FILTER, not FLUSH. I doubt if the word flush is even in your owner’s manual.

This FLUSH is done by Jiffy Lube shops (not recommended) for about $80 or so, please ask the dealer what he actually does for this outrageous amount.

Most posters here will recommend a filter and fluid change at an independent transmission shop. I got this done last on my Nissan for $89 plus tax. That was the the second fluid change in 125,000 miles.

I agree with others, $0.5k is wayyyy too much. You can do better, find an independently ran transmission garage, I bet it will cost $100 at the most.

I also have a 2006 Jetta and can tell you that the dealership is correct in that you must do the fluid change. People who have ignored this recommendation on the Jetta have seen transmission failure in as little as 75,000 miles. These cars (at least the diesel and turbo models) have the Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) which is a new type of transaxle and most people aren’t familiar with the technology. That being said, you need not get it done at the dealer. Find an independent shop that specializes in newer European cars and that should bring it down to $350-400. DO NOT take it to just any garage.

The procedure for changing the transmission fluid is complex and requires the use of either the VAS 5051 system or VCDS (formerly known as VAG-COM) from Ross-Tech. Ask the shop if they have one of these systems. A simple OBD II scanner is no good. If not, they will not be able to complete the service. Additionally, the fluid is very costly compared to standard automatic transmission fluid.

Are you enjoying the benefits of being on the cutting edge of transmission technology?

Classic, I stand corrected on the cost. Looks like these cars aren’t like my Accord where changing the fluid is just a simple drain & refill. Actually you need special tools to check the fluid in my dad’s 02 Jetta too.

Works out to a dollar for every 67-80 miles you drive - just for that maintenance item. Did the salesman tell that when you were about to buy?