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Transmission fluid exchange through the dipstick

Is the Flo Dynamics TSD 450 system for transmission fluid exchange ?through the dipstick only? a scam or a good system?

115,000 miles on a 2002 Impala

Consider this:

A shop that uses this method is unlikely to change the transmission filter, simply because it is too much trouble for them, or perhaps they lack even the rudimentary automotive skills to know how to remove and replace the trans filter. When the fluid is changed, the filter should also be changed.

Just as important, by not dropping the transmission pan and cleaning it out, they will be leaving 115k miles worth of debris in the pan, ready to circulate again with the new fluid.

Also, by sucking out fluid through the dipstick tube, they will likely be leaving much more of the old fluid in the trans pan than if the pan was dropped.

With these 3 factors in mind–What do you think of this concept?

I agree. Well said VDCd.

I too agree. And would add that it would be an incredable feat of magic to drain the fluid that’s in the torque converter that way.

Thanks for the responses guys. But are you familiar with the “Flo Dynamics TSD 450 system” which claims to drain both resiviors? (through the dipstick only)

We don’t have to be familiar with this specific device to know that their claim is BOGUS.

If you wish to believe in this claim, be my guest.
And, if you do decide to use this device, rather than doing a real transmission fluid and filter change, I anticipate that you will be back here in…10k miles or less…asking about prices for a new or rebuilt transmission.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.
Pay for a real trans fluid & filter change or suffer the consequences.

I found the TSD 450 infomercial and it was not impressive. While searching I ran across several videos of those and similar machines being used to market a high dollar service that was rarely actually done yet the customer was billed.

Over the years it is likely that I have dropped the pans on many hundreds of automatic transmissions of various brands and nationalities and can assure any interested that the trash in the pans required scrubbing in parts cleaner, removing the magnets to clean them separately, and often required repeated efforts to fully clear the cooler and lines. It would be more beneficial to service the transmission, drive it around the block, drain and refill it, then repeat the drive, drain and refill than to service with a flush machine without dropping the pan. Such equipment is apparently impressive to much of the public but I will be surprised if any who have made a living with wrenches thinks much of it.

Thanks VCD.
This service was done by Delta Sonic in Buffalo, NY. They do mainly oil changes, fuel system cleaning, coolant flush, etc.
12 years ago I brought in a 72 Malibu and they dropped and cleaned the tran pan, clean as brand new. Shined like a mirror. I thought I was getting the same service, but I see this machine hooked up to the dip stick tube and got suspicious. I will politely ask that they do the service correctly or refuned my money.