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Transmission Fluid Change or Flush or Nothing

I have a 2005 Ford Five Hundred. It has been maintained at regular intervals except for the Transmission fluid. It currently has 170,000 miles on the car and I am hoping to make it to 250,000 or so. I had the transmission flushed at 100,000, but it hasn’t been service before or after that point. It drives great although it has always had a slow shift into 3rd.

I want to keep it running great. Should I flush the transmission, just have fluid changed with filter or do nothing?

Thanks so much!

Have it changed WITH the filter. If its only service was at 100k and it was a flush more than likely the filter was not changed and has 170k on it. This is not good at all.


Is there risk in causing additional damage with a change?

If there is an existing problem changing the fluid will not cure it - if there isn’t a problem a fluid change is a good idea .
Too often people expect a fluid change to work miracles and claim the change was the cause of a failure when the real cause was a problem that was not diagnosed and not fixed .