Transmission failure

hii guys my car is Mitsubishi pajero junior 1997, yesterday while i was driving the car around some hilly road suddenly the car slams out of gear while the the selector in D position and the car stopped but the engine is working, and nothing happens in all gears D, 2,L and even in R or reverse the car doesn’t move at all… please anyone who knows the problem help me out… Because i couldn’t figure it out.

Your headline says you indeed have figured it out. “Transmission failure” is what you have.


Now, the question for the OP to answer is…
Is it economically feasible for me to repair/overhaul the transmission of a 21 year old car?

My vote would be a resounding “no”, but repair costs might be a lot lower in the country where the OP resides.

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Is there fluid in the automatic transmission?

Have a transmission specialist take a look. No way to tell what’s wrong over the internet. Could be something simple like the gear selector linkage broke. On the other hand, it could mean you need a replacement transmission. As far as what’s needed and what it will cost, something between those two I expect.