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Transmission dilema

Originally my transmission would ony go into 1rst and 3rd. while test driving it later it would only go into 2nd and 4rth and not 1rst and 3rd.What cu=ould be the problem and how do I solve it???

You leave a lot to the imagination tazzer. If I assume that it is a manual transmission there is a shift rod and a distancing rod from the shift lever to the trans-axle. If the distancing rod is damaged or becomes loose the shift rod will not reach the forward and/or rearward ranges, 1&3 forward, 2&4&R rearward (at the shift lever). You should look closely at the shift rods and motor mounts. If you are not familiar with the linkage find a good shop.

Auto or manual transmission? How many miles? What year? If automatic, when was the last fluid change? How long have you had the Escort?